Osteopathy is a manual therapy that works with the body to promote optimal conditions for healing to take place. Some of the conditions that can be helped by osteopathy include:


• Arthritic pain

• Acute and chronic back and neck pain

• Sciatica

• Muscle spasms

• Neuralgia

• Upper extremity pain

• Hip, knee and ankle pain

• Sports injuries

• Headaches arising from the neck

Helen has a vast knowledge in osteopathy and has been osteopath in Bishops Stortford for over 20 years.

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About Your Treatment

At your initial appointment you'll be asked about your symptoms and your general medical history. You will then be examined and a diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed with you. If appropriate, treatment will begin at that first session.


Yes! Home visits to the housebound can be made by prior arrangement only.

Do you do home visits?

Patients with private medical insurance need to ensure they obtain authorisation and a GP referral where required.

What if I have medical insurance?

Helen Neary Osteopath